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WRAPS was born to solve the single biggest problem with headphones today. How to stop them getting tangled? A research paper titled ‘Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string’ by Dorian M. Raymer and Douglas E. Smith outlined the scientific reasons as to why your headphones get tangled in your bag or pocket, and how carefully you put them away has nothing to do with it.

Long story short, a cable under 46cm in length will almost never tangle itself, but a wire that short is useless for wired headphones or even charge cables. The average headphone length is 139cm which means that the probability of a complex knot forming is nearly 50%.

Here at WRAPS we took this problem and created the solution: Our award winning anti-tangle wristband headphones! When you’re not using them, simply wear your headphones or charge cable as a stylish fashion bracelet. Not only can you wrap them around your wrist but around pretty much anything else too. Bags, straps, handles, controllers – the possibilities are endless.

Our Bluetooth headphones also utilise the same ‘wearable’ feature but by utilising memory coil technology with a patented design. This simple but effective method makes our Bluetooth range perfect for people on the go, commuting or sports.

Don’t think this innovation means they are lacking in quality either. Our sister company is the largest audio manufacturer and distributors in the UK with over 25 years’ experience. They cover a wide range of applications including Car Audio, Wearable Tech and Portable audio.

Our WRAPS Charge cables come with an unlimited warranty as well as our Lightning Charge cables being Apple Certified. This means not only our products, but our processes, from manufacturing to packaging all pass the high standards set out by Apple themselves.

WRAPS RFID anti-theft wallets are the ultimate protection for your keys, cards & other valuables. They are created with an advanced lining to create a protective barrier around your belongings to keep them secure from criminals trying to hack them with portable scanners. Utilising our wrap’able technology, they can be attached to rucksacks, straps, bags, belts, wrists or just about anything.

Today WRAPS is pushing forward with new and exciting products to not only challenge the traditional perceptions of wearable tech, but also making everyday usability easier and audio quality as high as possible.