Are you looking for a leading product to be at the forefront of your Sales channel? 
Have you got time to invest in a market leading brand, that has the potential to grow your business fast? 
Do you sell fashion products? Are you looking to expand into the latest headphone market? Do you have the channel for selling patented wearable tech?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you.
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Who are we looking for? 

Who is our ideal distributor? Someone who has a strong network across a range of market places. Someone that has existing relationships with chain stores and retail networks. Someone who is looking for a strong brand and who has the energy and time to share our passion, in exchange for a great ROI. 


Who is the perfect retailer? 

A book store? a shoe store? a fashion store? maybe a jewellery store?, a convenience store? A stationary store?  This is the beauty of the WRAPS brand and product.
Unlike anything else on the market, WRAPS connect several multibillion dollar industries: Headphones, Wearable Tech and Fashion (bracelets). 
Wraps can be sold anywhere, with amazing results.

Who is the brands demographic?

The breadth of the brand appeal means that our consumers are not limited.  Tweens to Commuters, Hipsters to Travellers, Backpackers and Executives.  WRAPS customers are unlimited, not restricted and appealing. An aspiration to all.