Wraps prides itself in its attention to detail and the quality of its products
We offer a 2 year Warranty for all of our connect range charging cables and a 2 year Warranty for all of our Headphone products.

If your charging cable or Headphone malfunctions or fails to perform, you may be eligible for a free replacement (Terms & Conditions apply).
To obtain service under this Warranty, please contact our Customer Support team with the following information in order to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution.
Please note, to receive a free replacement, you may be asked to send the faulty product to Wraps HQ. Full warranty terms & conditions can be found below.
Wraps Connect 2 year Warranty (hereafter “Warranty”)
As of June 08 2018

What does the warranty cover?

The Warranty covers all functional aspects of the Product under normal use. Only original, unaltered and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by the Warranty.

What does the Warranty not cover?

Any problem caused by abuse, misuse, exposure to excessive heat, liquids, sand or other contaminants or an act of God, such as but not limited to flood, drought, earthquake or any other natural disaster is not covered. The Warranty does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen Products.

How long does the Warranty last?

The Warranty lasts as long as the Customer owns the Product.

How does the Warranty work?

Should the Product malfunction or fail to perform, the Product shall be replaced by Wraps with the most similar Product. Due to the nature of the Product, repair or identical replacement parts may not be available at the time of the claim. Wraps shall repair or replace a damaged part with the closest matching Product or the closest matching part of the Product in the closest matching colour. This choice shall be handled on a case-by-case basis between Wraps and the Customer. Should a dispute between Wraps and the Customer arise on the option to choose, the final decision is at the discretion of Wraps.

Steps to take if something goes wrong with your Product

To obtain service under this Warranty, the Customer must first contact Wraps Customer Support through our Support page to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution.
In order to support claims under the Warranty, Customer Service will require the information below to examine the claim:

Proof of purchase 
Photo/Video of the faulty product
 Batch number 
Country of purchase

Under which conditions does the Warranty apply?
The Customer is eligible to pursue a claim under 3 conditions, as follows:

  • The Customer is able to present the Product
  •  The Customer is able to present the receipt of the Product
  • Batch number is provided 

Wraps may ask the Customer to complete a claim form.

To obtain the benefit of the Warranty, the Customer has to deliver the Product via prepaid transportation to Wraps. Wraps shall not assume the risk of loss of the Product during shipment from Customer to Wraps. After the Product is shipped to Wraps, Wraps will inspect the Product and contact the Customer within fourteen business days to give the results of the inspection and inform the Customer of the next steps. The costs associated with shipping the Product back to the customer shall be borne by Wraps. In case the Product is repaired or replaced, the new Warranty runs from the day the Customer receives the new Product.