Wraps Christmas Guide

We love all WRAPS, that goes without saying, however we all have our firm favourites here at WRAPS HQ so we decided to put our heads together so we could let you know which ones make our Christmas wish list.  Here’s our top 5 and why:


1. Wraps Talk Coal


This is actually not only a firm favourite with our team, but also our best-selling talk product to date! You can’t beat the superior sound, and the sleek, classic black style with the built-in microphone. Not only does it go with every outfit, but our patented slider means that all out wraps will fit any size wrist! Could you get a better stocking filler? 


2. Wraps Charge Lightning Black


This is another popular pic due to matching the Talk Coal earphones, however it’s also extremely popular due to it’s amazing durability and the fact that it is Apple iPhone approved. No wonder our charge cables come with an unlimited warranty!

3. Wraps Natural Walnut


The natural series comes in either real wooden beads or faux leather however this is at the top of anyone wish list! If you’re into earthy vibes and natural tones then it’ll be the one you want to find in your stocking. Like all our earphones it comes with small, medium and large silicon tips for any ear size!


4. Wraps Charge USB to USB-C


We often have the Android versus iPhone debate in the office but to keep everyone happy our charge range includes the Apple lightening charger and the Android USB-C charger! It features Fast Charge and looks great to wear so now you can make sure you #wearyourpower where ever you go!


5. Wraps Core Rose Gold


We love all the Core range with its titanium drivers for clear, high fidelity sound its noise isolating foam tips, but the Rose Gold colour just pipped it to the post for us. The faux leather cable with the Rose Gold tips are in our opinion, unbeatable and we’re proud to wear them in our ears as well as on our wrists!


So, there you have it – our top 5 Wraps products as voted for by the WRAPS team – no doubt this will most likely change on a monthly basis as new ranges are introduced. Click on the links above and add our favourites to your cart today!