Secure your car with our WRAPS RFID blocking wallets

In the last 2 years, car thefts in the UK have soared by over 56%. The main culprit is the ‘Signal Relay’ device.
A Signal Relay device is a small electronic device, legally available to buy on the internet, which is used to take advantage of a security weakness in keyless cars. It works by locating your key inside your home, and boosting a signal back to your locked car, often parked on your driveway. The thieves can then drive off with your car, without you knowing. 


This entire process can take as little as 10 seconds and the majority of cars are never recovered. The whole experience isn’t only traumatic for the victims, but it can also be a costly experience if it affects future insurance policies and no claims discounts.

The WRAPS RFID blocking wallets guarantee to keep your key fobs safe and secure. The wallet itself is made from high-quality materials, making it robust and long lasting whilst adding a premium feel. Thanks to its advanced lining, our anti-theft wallet will block the following RFID signals: WIFI, GPS, GSM and NFC.