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Our premium Apple Lightning & USBC charger cables

WRAPS charging cables are the new high speed wearable charger cables with anti tangle storage! Featuring Fast Charge and a 2 year warranty to guarantee your device always has power! Due to its unique design, when not in the WRAPS charger cables become a fashion bracelet! Simply wrap the cable around your wrist and lock in place. WRAPS patented technology allows them to fit any wrist size while been held securely in place at all times. Don’t want to wear them on your wrist? No problem! You can wrap them around pretty much anything for a clever and convenient storage solution.

Strong braided cable

The WRAPS Limited Edition range is our high-end premium charging cable, featuring an extremely durable faux leather braid and delivering a 3Amp fast charge for all your compatible devices. You can also expect data transfer rates of 480Mbit/s.

Aluminium USB-A Housing

The USB connector is protected by an Aluminium housing that is available in a range of finishes including: Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Oil Slick.

Our charger cables come in 2 connector types. Lightning for Apple devices including iPhone, and USBC for Android devices such as Samsung, Sony and Huawei. They can also be used on your Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Tab.

Identify your charger cable

In todays world everyone is connected. We need easy access to quick power to ensure we always have charge. A mobile device is no longer just a means of communication, it is our camera, our diary, our Sat Nav, our alarm clock, our audio device and our television all packed into a pocket size device. With new devices coming out every month it can be confusing to know which charge cable you need. Just read below to identify your charge cable.

USBC Connector

Rounded rectangle in shape with a connector in the middle.

usbc connector

Lightning Connector

Rounded rectangle in shape with no connector inside.

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wraps usbc charge cable
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